My name is MARIA
After months I am now back in blogging business. The weather is quite gloomy, I haven’t had a decent meal except for 6 cups of coffee (if that is considered) plus I haven’t taken a shower. Okay so I had a 2-hour full body massage last night, so I am totally excused from taking a bath. LOL. It feels so good to just stay at home, spend the day with my bedroom buddies (my comfy pillows and comforter) and have a really good book on hand. Many many thanks to my dear girlfriend Donna, who happens to be in Canada, for sharing her insights about this wonderful book to me. (Had to go to 3 bookstores to find it). Well, I’m done with the first few chapters and as I was reading,  I was kind of reminded by someone, a not so close female friend. This female friend of mine always talk about and somewhat complain of her boyfriendless status. I mean come on! She’s not that bad-looking (well, she’s not pretty either, but hey, she is okay, no disabilities or gross deformities LOL), she came from a well-off family, she’s smart and she makes a really good friend (I think). She has had boyfriends before but it never seemed to work out and I always hear her complain of her ZERO Lovelife status (as she refers to it). WHY? BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A BITCH, and by BITCH let me clarify that one. A bitch in this sense (and as the book tries to imply) is not a rude girl or a prostitute. A bitch is someone who considers herself of HIGH VALUE and does not need a man to survive, or at the very least does not make a man feel he is needed for survival.

Relationships, I can safely say highly depend on US, WOMEN, and with that boys who happen to be reading this blog shouldn’t smile ‘cause with this I’m not trying to boost your ego, what I really mean is that boys are too stupid to handle relationships. LOL. Sorry for that boys, FEMALE writer here. LOL. When relationships don’t work for us girls, let’s not blame the rest of the universe, rather let’s look back and see our faults so that next time (if there is) we can make things work. Girls, well majority of us, MOST OFTEN THAN NOT, give it all out on the first few dates, making ourselves very vulnerable to abuse, disrespect, and so on…In addition to that, whenever we’re in a relationship, we tend to show too much attachment, with no negative motives, we try to make them feel they are special and that they are loved so they won’t leave us. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. The more we show how much we care, there is no more space left for surprises, we girls, have opened this huge door for men to take complete advantage of our weakness. We follow what is mistakenly written on magazines on slipping notes to our boyfriends’ bag, wallet, windshield or having a pizza surprisingly delivered. THAT IS SUCH A HUGE MISTAKE! All those things, once done to a man, will complete the recipe of him thinking you are a STALKER! I’m not saying we shouldn’t be sweet and all that or remain like closed jars to our partners or be dishonest to them. There is a difference between honesty and disclosure. A bitch is honest but does not reveal her cards on the table. Familiarity breeds contempt and predictability breeds boredom. In the end, men as they are, they’ll find NICE GIRLS uninteresting and leave ‘em empty handed. I’ve learned so much from this book and I’m not even half-way.

A man’s psyche is like a plant. It needs water but also AIR to breathe. To give a man too much reassurance too soon is the same as overwatering a plant. It kills it.  Men are complex creatures, and so are we, and for relationships to work in harmony, we girls, should work on our complexity and use it in our advantage. This is not about manipulating men or anybody, this is about holding yourself as an individual, as a lady who pays high regard to yourself.

 DIGNITY, something a bitch has in high dosage. ;) 

*I highly recommend girls should read this book “Why Men Love BITCHES” by Sherry Argov. Php 669.00 in National Bookstore or Powerbooks. I will probably do a part 2 of this entry…
My name is MARIA
Here are some of the lovely moving outfits that I truly adore. 
MK and Ashley are just the epitome of FABULOUS :)

I have the same dress, only different color.

They're stunning on special events, but on casual occasions like heading to Starbucks or doing shopping, they are even more fabulous! :)
My name is MARIA

Choices are the hinges of destiny.

I’ve posted the very same thing yesterday and I am saying it again, choices are the hinges of destiny, and we make our destiny for we are the one who makes choices for ourselves. Life has always been a roller coaster ride, and it will always be. For years of existence I have learned that life will never be always rainbows and butterflies. Life is not a fairy tale. Life is about choices.

Today I am supposed to make more important things. I need to finish a 30-page research for my father, and the deadline is 2 days from now, but I cannot concentrate, I cannot seem to get my neurons work in proper coordination. I need to ventilate and release this feeling that has been unstoppably haunting me, before I can function normally. I need someone to talk to and just be there to listen, but I guess there is no one around. Today I have learned to appreciate one important role of a nurse, and that is to listen. I am a patient today and my nurse is nowhere to be found.*sigh* I guess the only thing who is available to listen to me now is my very reliable HP, no harsh words, no off-putting response, just enthralling every single word that I am typing.

People assume they know me, but the truth is they do not have the slightest idea at all. I’ve always been affable and accommodating to people around me. I have been so vocal about my feelings but there is more than what I have veiled than things that I have shown. Perhaps I am just too indolent to explain things or I am just scared to hear what I really needed to hear. Every time I am faced with dilemmas and predicaments and I need to elucidate things, I just stop and say to myself “whatever, come what may”. If I explain things there would be a response, and sometimes the response would mirror the truth, and the truth can sometimes hurt me, and I’m scared of getting hurt. And so in the end, I’ll just stop and let others think what they want, I won’t explain my side. What I do not know won’t hurt me. And what they don’t know won’t hurt them as well.

Recently, comments and conclusions about the choices I have finally decided to take have been flooding my horizon, blocking the truth, and creating turmoil in my brain. If you think I solely base my decisions on someone, I guess you need to look back and ask yourself if you really know me. They say that at the peak of our emotions we should halt our mouth and let our mind rest first before we make our decision, because we tend to be irrational when our emotion is at its highest. I believe that as well. In the past, I make decisions based on what I want and not on what I need. I used to be impulsive, I admit that but I have learned great deals in life. From the wrong choices I’ve made before, I have realized tons of things. Before I make big decisions in life, I have made it a habit to pray and ask my parents and I am glad I have learned to do that. People may judge me wrongly for the choices that I have made, even though other people have done the same thing. It’s as if I cannot do it because my reasons are not valid. Do you think you know the truth? Do you think you know everything? I don’t think so. And I don't think I owe you all some explanation. :)

Life is about choices, and I am not saying the choice I have made is correct and would benefit or be helpful to the people around me, but this is my choice, and I am not expecting everyone to understand me nor the rationale behind my choice. Life is like the board exam, you are given choices A, B, C, D and sometimes you are faced with options that you don’t want to choose because they seem to be wrong, but you need to choose. If you have decided not to answer the question, then that is still a choice you have made. You have chosen to fail the exam by leaving a blank rather than taking the risk and shade the best answer. There is no bonus item in life or in the board exam. You have to make a choice. And just yesterday I have made a decision. A decision that indeed hurt me, a decision that would hinge my destiny, a decision that would hurt other people, a decision that would definitely disappoint many, a decision I have made not because I want it but I deemed it necessary.

Not all decisions are final; there can always be reconsideration. And being who I am, I never close my mind to opportunities, suggestions and making new choices that could affect the previous choice. I am just an individual bound to make choices. What I’m trying to say here is that as I make choices, I know not all people will understand, they will for sure jump into conclusions and say downbeat things. Somehow I am still thankful, that the most important persons in my life have respected and happy about my decision. I may not be completely happy with the choice that I have made but I guess this is it. There is no easy choice, but we have to definitely make one.

My name is MARIA

At a contest in Perps....

Handsome contestant during the interview part:

Host: Hello Contestant #6. Here's your question... Can you name three personalities, could be from TV or just in this school, that you admire the most?

Handsome Contestant: Hi! Uhmmm... Well... First, I am NICE... (crowd went wild!!!! contestant in his yabang look smiling) Uhmm, second, I think I am HANDSOME (crowd cheering loudly), and last I am very DOWN TO EARTH...Thank you that's all...

Host: (smiling...trying to not laugh)

Good heavens! Haha! I cannot stand watching pageants like this if the answers are so WAFAAAK! hahahaha! Well he has a point there, the host asked for PERSONALITIES... hahahaha! He could've made it simpler by just answering YES. Hahaha! Sayang, he's really good looking... Here's another one....

Pretty Contestant: Hello everybody! I am here... in the front... I am in the front... I am here IN (with conviction) the front of you people... in the front... Representing the College of International Hospitality Management. Thank you!

She didn't even say her name, she just tried to emphasize she's IN the front...hahaha! WTH!

Anyway, just give them a break. They have pretty faces, that's why it's called beauty pageant they weren't there for a quiz bee or something..

Most of the funny answers from contestants in beauty pageants usually are funny because of grammar slips and misses. This, however, is a different case as the contestant decided to answer the question in Filipino.

Goran Aleks (Judge): If given another life to live, what would you like to be and why?

Czarina Gatbonton: Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. Akin pong sasagutin ang inyong katanungan sa ating sariling wika, ang wikang Pilipino. Kung ako po ay pagbibigyan pang muli ng isa pang buhay, mas gugustuhin ko pong maging isang hala… puno. Puno na nagbibigay sa atin ng hininga, na nagbibigay sa atin ng buhay!

Okay, she wants to be a

I’m sure many of you have seen clips of this on YouTube or watched the coronation night of Binibing Pilipinas 2008 on television. And I’m sure that many of you fell off your seats either in laughter, disappointment, frustration, or a combination of the three.

I will no longer bore you with rants about the whole joke that the pageant has become. Instead, I’ll share with you the transcript of the answer of contestant number 15, Janina San Miguel, to judge Vivian Tan’s question in the Top Ten interview portion.

Paolo Bediones
: So you won two of the major awards, Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit. Do you feel any pressure right now?

Contestant: No, I do not feel any pressure right now.
Paolo Bediones: All right, confident! Please choose a name of a judge. We have Miss Vivian Tan.

Vivian Tan: What role did your family play with you as a candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?

Contestant: Well, my family’s role for me is so important. Because der was d… deyr… dey was the one… who’s very… haha… Oh, I’m so sorry. Uhm My pamily… my family, oh my god.

Paolo Bediones (off-mike): Pwede mag-Tagalog. Sige lang, sige lang.

Contestant: Ok. I’m so sorry.

Paolo Bediones (off-mike): Okay lang yan.

Contestant: I’m so sorry…I… I told you that I’m so confident. Eto, uhm, wait. Hahahaha. Uhm… Sorry guys… because this was really my first pageant ever. Because I’m only 17-years old! And ahahaa… I.. I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of TAF Ten… Mhmm… Sooo…. But I said DUT my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.


My name is MARIA

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I wanna be a doctor

Yeah. I was one of those kids who grew up thinking and dreaming of wearing a white lab gown with a stethoscope hangin on the shoulders. I've always dreamed of working with sick people (my choice of words are beginning to disturb me...LOL)... When I reached high school, I had the same mind set: doctor doctor... hospital... then during my junior year, my cousin tried to convince me to take BSPT... I actually wanted to take BS PT, it'll be nice as a pre med course but then during my senior year, my dad and his assistant told me to take BS Bio Medical Engineering... what the?!... well, after a few months since Nursing was in total popularity my entire family was already FORCING me to take up Nursing...ugh...I had no choice...I took a scholarship exam, I got it, entered Nursing..and *poof* I BECAME KOKO CRUNCH....LMAO

Nursing wasn't bad after all... In fact I think i was destined for this profession/calling... :) I enjoyed every single Nursing day of my life... From boring lectures, good lectures, old lecturers, steamy hot doctors (oh you know who he is! haha!), sleepy class, crazy exams, tiring duties, f*ckin tiring duties, lame duties, DL awards, almost IRs, actual IR, etc. etc. I definitely had a great nursing life.... I was a very outgoing, party-loving, crazy Nursing student, but I made sure that at the end of the day, my grades are hmmm...well....above average... :)

An entire book won't even suffice to tell the story of my Nursing life... I seek adventure... I was and I still am very playful... So I do have lots of stories to tell...

Though I didn't even last 2 months working in the hospital and I cannot call myself an epitome of Florence Nightingale, I'm atleast proud because I know that in the chosen path of my nursing career, I've helped great nurses take a huge step and begin their journey. I'm okay with that... So to my students, O'hail Florence Nightingale, I'm so proud of you all... :)

Our first duty...3rd year college at National Center for Mental Health, Mandaluyong. Pavillon 9.

Me and my groupmates at UPH Medical Center, ICU.

Community Health Nursing (I really really abhor our CHN uniform!!!)

After this photo was taken we had our Incident Report...Haha! Funny story! Because of (SECRET), we were all screaming and the admin heard us plus our Clinical Instructor. We were asked to write the reason why were shouting and all (ON THE SPOT) and we wrote different things...Haha! How foolish...Ending: INCIDENT REPORT. BUT It wasn't filed...our CI is soooo nice... We love her! hehe! I wasn't wearing the blue uniform... Pasaway!

Recognition Day for the Dean's Listers Batch 2007... Hurray! :)
(They're also my thesis group mates)

My fake Birthday Celebration with friends, for the sake of getting a free Ice cream...Haha!

Finally..The Graduates of Batch PICC... Goodbye School! Hello Board Exam!

The long wait is over!!! I am now a Registered Nurse!! Yeeehaaaa!

During our Oath taking Ceremony at Araneta Coliseum

My name is MARIA

I went to Cebu last January for my CBRH lecture (NCLEX/CGFNS)... I was really really excited coz finally I'll be able to visit my sisters' playground...the famous numero DOCE...Well I went there for work...but you know...I always find ways to have fun...and I think if I don't go out on a Friday or Saturday night, I'll die...hahaha! That is if I'm not in Cavite or Laguna...strict ang parents ko eh.... lol...

My class usually starts at 8 in the morning...for the NCLEX/CGFNS, it'll end at 12 noon. Then next batch would be from 5 in the afternoon til 9 in the evening... Thank God for the afternoon break. If it wasn't for that, I am dead sure I'm in the hospital

Party in Cebu starts a little late compared in Iloilo...but hey...since it was in time for the SINULOG FESTIVAL, the streets of Cebu City is jampacked with party animals...

I can't remember how many times I went to Doce during the time I was in Cebu, but I'm pretty much sure that I was out every single night of my Cebu stay...even my last night, knowing the fact that I have an early flight to Bacolod for another lecture...I am surely killing myself...LOL

Well it's hard to express in words how magical that place seems to be... It ain't the place that girls and boys would really love, but I surely like it...I mean I love it...does that mean I'm gay?...haha! Maybe...

So many great and crazy CRAZY crazy things happened in Cebu...hihihi...and I don't wanna spill the details here... I had a fantastic time not only because Cebu is a Sin City and I'm a certified sinner...LOL...but mainly because of the people I was with during my stay there...

I'm goin back to Cebu on May for another series of lecture and you know where to find me... Mark the number baby...DOCE...

with Krizh, Noy, Jehanne and Jane
super crowded Mango square, drive all the wall to IT Park, ended up in Nuvo

: with friend from Laguna, now in Cebu...

they're the reason why NUMERO DOCE is magical

UGH! Nasty Cigarette burn... I got a very unusual souvenir.

Make sure you if you go to Cebu, visit DOCE (Mango Square) and who knows, you might discover the real you...hahahaha! *cheers* to that!!!
My name is MARIA

BFF... I miss my dear bestfriend so much... Her birthday is near and we're gonna hit the beach next week. I'm so excited..The last time I saw her was during her folks' despedida parteee, a day before they went back to CA...and that was a month ago...We've been best of friends since 2nd year college...we were classmates... seatmates... we became good partners in crime... really good partners in crime...

The first crime we ever committed together (and I hope the school admin won't track this was stealin enterobius vermicularis or PINWORM...Collecting those filthy microbes was our final project in Microbiology/Parasitology...and for me...honestly, there's nooooo problem with bestfriend, who happens to be my Lab partner... gooooodness... she's sooooo soooo maarte. When she found out that we're supposed to go to the squatters' area and collect pinworms by using a freakin scotch tape and place it in the butthole of kids, she freaked out!...She was like "Oh my god bez, I can't do it...eeewwww..." you can imagine her almost crying and all...and so I don't have any choice but to unleash the evil side of was her brilliant idea actually...haha! (hey its my blog! I can blame other people here lol)...We became friends (or whatever just for the sake of our evil plan) with the student assistant in the MicroPara lab and so it was no sweat executing the plan. One afternoon we went to the lab, I did a simple chit chat with the SA, we talked about her lovelife and all, while my evil bestfriend sneaked inside the professor's office, stole a box full of graded and recorded slides loaded with enterobius vermicularis. Take note! They were already checked, graded and that makes us lesser so we went to the other laboratory, borrowed two microscopes, re-checked the slides whether they contain the freakin egg worms that would connect our bridge to 3rd year ( the more eggs the higher the grade)...we got two slides ready for submission, we just removed the name of the student, replaced it with our names..and the extra slides? we gave it away...we did charity works you know?...Ending: we got a flat 1 (95%) for our evil plan, i mean our final project...First crime is always the sweetest...

We did more...but I don't wanna talk about it...It has been years and we're now fully pledged , licensed nurses...Our nursing license won't get revoked, right? LOL

Well we had more than just crime stories...We had tons of clean fun memories...Well, do we??... Now I'm not sure... hahaha!

Anyway, I ain't gonna replace my bestfriend...She's the coolest, craziest person on this planet... and I love her so much!!! Can't wait to see her next week :)

At Cafe Lupe, Tagaytay. The day she just came back from California.

Clinical graduation...Me, Bez and Salve

"Life's a bitch...and so are we" Aque, Bez, and Me... dinner in Tagaytay

Drunken nights with bez and Jon

Bez, Me, Yneng and Tita Au (bestfriend's mom)

Interesting family tree: Tito James (my bestfriend's dad) is the brother of Yneng's dad and Tita Au (my bestfriend's mom) is also the sister of Yneng's mom... So Ice (my bestfriend) and Yneng share the same middle name and last name... :)